Signed in as:

Naki The Beatman has over 15 years of radio experience, starting his professional radio career in 1998 in his hometown of Chicago on WGCI and WPWX Power 92.  He has Imaged (Imaging, Writing & Producing Jingles) for some of the top stations across the country including KOIT-FM (San Francisco) KBLX (San Francisco) KRBQ (San Francisco) KGMZ (San Francisco) WNOZ (New Orleans) MIX 87.7 (Atlanta) ESPN Radio (Chicago) SIRIUS XM (New York) Violator XXL Radio on Dash (Los Angeles) KHYL (Sacramento) MLB Oakland A's Radio Network (Oakland) KUFX (San Jose)


KBLX (San Francisco) "Cash Contest Promo"

KGMZ (San Francisco) "Raiders Playoffs Promo"

KRBQ (San Francisco) An air check call from Naki's radio show "Diggin In The Crates"

MIX877 (Atlanta) "Porsche Foxx Morning Show Mashup Bumper"

KBLX (San Francisco) "Dream Team In The Morning Mashup Bumper"

WFDR (Atlanta) "Streetz Morning Takeover w Yung Joc In My Feelings Custom Bumper"

KGMZ (San Francisco) "Joe, Lo & Dibs Morning Show Theme (Game On)"

KBLX (San Francisco) "Antoine Davis in the Afternoon Mashup Bumper"

KBLX (San Francisco) "Dream Team Parody of Khalid's Location titled Donation" 

KOIT (San Francisco) "Justin Timberlake song Filthy debut sweeper"